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Power on during blackouts with a home battery

Make the Most of Your Energy In The Dark
  • Cutting-edge home battery systems connect to your solar panels, storing unused power during daylight hours for use at night or during unexpected power outages.

  • Thanks to dependable and efficient battery technology, your home has continuous access to energy while maintaining tighter control on your electricity consumption.

  • Say goodbye to soaring utility bills and welcome in the era of self-sustaining energy. Power your home with sustainable energy using a home battery and bask in the light of a brighter future.

  • Power Your Home When There Is No Power

    Protect your loved ones and power your home during power outages. The outdated utility grid is increasingly unreliable, vulnerable to physical attack and extreme weather events. As blackouts become increasingly frequent, a home battery system stands ready to support you with dependable energy for your household.

  • Seize Command of Your Energy

    A home battery shields against escalating energy expenses, assuring you have a steady power supply during critical moments. Utility rates often fluctuate unexpectedly, but you can always depend on the reliability of solar power, especially when power disruptions occur. Gain control over your electricity costs and energy production, both now and in the years to come.

  • Pave the Way for a Greener Tomorrow

    The advantages of backup batteries extend beyond the boundaries of your home. A home battery allows you to maximize the use of the solar energy generated by your panels, as well as inexpensive power bought from the grid at off-peak times, reducing your dependence on the grid. A cleaner and safer future is within reach, and you can realize that future with solar + home batteries.

Dependable power when it matters

  • Uninterrupted electricity during blackouts
  • Industry-leading solar panels and battery solutions
  • Professional maintenance and ongoing monitoring

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How do residential batteries function?

Your home battery operates by storing the excess electricity generated by your solar energy system during the day. It releases this stored energy when you need it most — like in the evening during peak time-of-use rate periods or in the event of an electrical grid outage due to extreme weather or equipment damage.

Why should I consider a home battery?

Solar batteries offer several advantages, including maximizing the value of your solar energy, ensuring uninterrupted power for your home during outages, and contributing to a greener planet by supporting renewable energy production.

How do I determine how much storage my home requires?

Your specific energy consumption and usage patterns determine the size of your rechargeable solar battery system. Factors like your home's electricity consumption and the appliances you want to power during outages are critical in choosing the right battery capacity and finding the ideal solar battery solution.

Are solar panels needed to use a home backup battery?

Solar panels are not strictly necessary to use a home backup battery. While solar panels can charge and replenish the battery during the day, a home backup battery can also be charged from the grid or other power sources. Whether or not you should install solar panels in conjunction with a home backup battery hinges on your energy objectives, financial considerations, and geographical context.

Solar panels offer the advantage of producing renewable energy and the potential for additional savings on your electric bills. However, it's important to note that they are not mandatory for deploying a home backup battery.

Where is a home battery installed?

Installing a home battery is a straightforward process. It's roughly the size of a water heater and typically mounted on a wall, commonly located next to your electrical panel inside your garage or outside your residence.

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